Friday, 16 December 2016

#BrandCap: Reike Nen

Korean Fashion Blogger Mia Liamani Seongsu Reike Nen Brand
Reike Nen Seoul Shoes Office Seongsu
After having a long-time internet crush on this brand, I finally got to see Reike Nen shoes in person. Founded in 2010 by Rei Yoon Hongmi, their 3-person team designs must-have statement shoes. This Seoul-based brand reinvents classic silhouettes like loafers and ankle boots by playing on angular shapes, texture and adding interesting metal accents. 
Reike Nen Reikenen Seoul Shoe Brand Slip Ons Black Leather Velvet
The shoes which have a velvet finish look extra special thanks to their deep yet vibrant colors. Also, the simple pumps embellished by an angular sole are THE perfect power shoes to kick 2017 in the butt. I'm definitely going to go back for this pair: 
#BrandCap is a series in which I introduce and explore innovative brands and designers from around the globe. Incorporating a few of their pieces into my daily looks, this is a Mia Liamani take on said brands. 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Zaful Christmas Wishlist

Sleepwear: 1 / 2 
Outerwear: 1 / 2
Bottoms: 1 / 2
Feminine: 1 / 2

With the help of Zaful, I made a little wishlist of my own for the holiday season! The prices are so good, you won't feel guilty spoiling yourself with a little 'From: Me, To: Me'. I included some pajamas in the list, because I've been oddly obsessed with sleepwear these days. Even though you're just lounging around at home, doesn't mean you have to stop looking cute! I also love a good dress, to wear with thick tights in the cold weather, and without when I head on vacation to Indonesia in a few weeks! Super excited. What are your holiday plans?

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Models Off Duty - Minimal Mood

S E O U L S T Y L E 
Where? Dongdaemun Plaza for Seoul Fashion Week 
Korean models off duty wearing put-together looks for the winter season. Try it out for yourself: Denim paired with classic silhouettes like turtlenecks and blazers. Don't forget the black on black!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

#BrandCap: SMK - Sandra Meynier Kang

I had the pleasure of meeting up with French designer, Sandra Meynier Kang, whose initials make up the title of her label, SMK. Based in Seoul, it is always particularly uplifting to meet with fellow expats who are doing big things in Korea. 

Since her bright beginnings in 2014, Kang has been an advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion. SMK is a vegan brand which promotes animal protection, local production and using environmentally friendly materials for her pieces. 

The assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals. 

Look 1Winter Jacket
Mia Liamani Fashion Blogger SMK Sandra Meynier Kang
SMK Sandra Meynier Kang Lunch Bag
I initially found out about SMK because of her incredibly perfect Lunch Bags. A luxurious take on that which can hold my impressive selection of staple snacks like cheese strings and cookies.. along with maaaybe my wallet and keys. They come in a variety of colours and textures, including metallics, vinyl, velvet, quilted patterns and more. Gotta catch them all! 
Mia Liamani - Korean Fashion Blogger - Winter Dress
On that effortless French tip, Sandra's designs are comfortable and feminine. For me, it is as important to buy from responsible brands as it is to shop responsibly. Invest in the clothes you wear day to day, rather than that party dress you'll only get to wear once! 

#BrandCap is a series in which I introduce and explore innovative brands and designers from around the globe. Incorporating a few of their pieces into my daily looks, this is a Mia Liamani take on said brands. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Seoul Streetstyle - Eunji Yang

Who? Eunji Yang - @luvyans
What? Clothes: Low Classic, Bag: A.P.C, Shoes: Dr. Martens
Where? Sinsa-dong

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fondazione Prada | Choker Blouse

fondazione prada museum travel itinerary guide what to do milano milan fondazione prada milano milan italy travel trip how to get there museum italie fashion blogger bar luce blog vlog youtube
choker top blouse black v-neck elephant sleeves wide raw hem denim furla purse minimal minimalist style daily look fashion blogger milano milan seoul montreal
fondazione prada museum design architecture milan milano italy modern contemporary
fondazione prada museum design architecture milan milano italy modern contemporary min and mia choker blouse mialiamani mia liamani samia fashion blogger muji sneakers daily look montreal milan seoul italy vneck black pixiemarket

Here's a little throwback from my time in Milan. I actually visited the Fondazione Prada twice, but the second time around, it was closed (boo! note: closed on Tuesdays), so I didn't get to visit the exhibits. During our first visit, we only had enough time to check out Bar Luce, a cafe designed by Wes Anderson. It felt a tad magical for me, since I'm a big fan of his films. When I'm back in Italy, you'll definitely find me here again! If you want to see more of this trip, check out the little vlog I made: 

Friday, 4 November 2016

Models Off Duty - Fresh Faces of Seoul Fashion Week SS17

seoul fashion week ss17 sfw streetstyle street style fashion streetfashion models off duty model korean style adidas sweatpants streetwear lookbook nike air max hypebeast highsnobietyseoul fashion week model models off duty streetwear streetfashion streetstyle street style beret trends korean kstyle kfashion kpop twins
seoul fashion week ss17 models off duty model streetwear streetstyle street fashion cute sweaters graphic korean twins seohyeon seoyoon
seoul fashion week korean models female girls women style designer beauty korean model seoul fashion week ddp dongdaemun plaza green dress lace designer givenchy miumiu simple streetstyle garance dore ootd kstyle kfashion feminineseoul fashion week ss17 sfw foreigner foreign model models russian beauty style leather jacket pink choker fuzzy fluffy furry bag purse lookbook ootd
korean model model off duty seoul fashion week ss17 beauty kbeauty kstyle kfashion kpop smile portrait

It's always fun to see new promising talent every season at Seoul Fashion Week. These young models had a great energy about them, and I loved their hair and makeup! Simple, clean, fresh. Have you ever tried using a pink or peachy shade of eyeshadow? Jump on that!
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