Monday, 26 September 2016

Make it Monochrome - Split Sleeves


Not much of a morning person, so outfits I can depend on are my favorite no-brainers. I know that this outfit ticks off all the right boxes: comfy, trendy, yet still put-together. This split-sleeves top caught my eye because I haven’t seen anyone wearing this style, both online and in real life. I ended up buying it in 2 colors, because you can never have enough basics, and this one has this fun detail! 

Red lipstick is another way to look a little more awake and add color to a monochrome look. I’m wearing the Giorgio Armani lipgloss here, but I don’t recommend it. It smells, tastes and looks like Dollar Store lipgloss (oh well). Definitely more of a MAC girl!  

Friday, 16 September 2016

Back to School Look - Minimal Stripes and Accessories

I'm not a student anymore, but I figured I'd muster up a 'Back to School' look regardless! I can honestly say I would've worn something like this back in my McGill days. This outfit is pretty laid-back and comfortable enough for a full school day. The personal touches, like the hat, earrings and bandana, spruce the whole look up, without going overboard. Especially if you're on a student budget, or low on time, it's always best to have some go-to basics, that you can make a little more special with accessories. Also, can anyone ever have enough striped shirts? 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Rainy Day Look & Cafe Tulip - 카페툴립에서 보내는 비오는 날

The weather man doesn't like me. On the off chance that I actually check the weather before heading out, it'll tell me the opposite of what's actually going to happen. It was supposed to be a rainy day, so I felt well prepared with my rain boots and handy dandy duck umbrella. Turns out it was a bright and sunny afternoon. Oh well. Still a comfy and cute outfit nonetheless! 

Also, I'm super into disco balls. Note to self: install a disco ball in my future all-white, loft-type apartment, and dance to this: #daddycool

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Are We Having Fun Yet?


Bring on the transitional outfits! As we slowly move our way into Fall, it's time to layer in a smart way, without losing the carefree spirit of Summer. It's still very hot during the day, yet chilly towards the evening so cardigans are key. I highly recommend stocking up on these Uniqlo cardigans. They always come in handy year-round, and I pretty much wear them until they turn to a pile of lint. 

I've always steered clear of any earrings that aren't studs. That's all changing recently. I've been experimenting with longer, dangly forms. It's a super cheap way to completely vamp an outfit, and feel like you've got something new going for your entire wardrobe. Adds a little pep in my step. I just picked these up at a random Korean boutique (for 12$)! 

Monday, 5 September 2016

SOFT Selectshop - 연희동 소프트 세렉트샵

boutique korea seoul soft selectshop numbering

Not far from where I live, but inaccessible by metro, is an area called Yeonhui-dong. Many who live in Seoul haven't even frequented the area. It's really low key, and there are a bunch of hidden gems like cute cafés and boutiques. PS. I particularly like Manufact Coffee for a cup of that strong-strong. 

A friend of a friend, Minkyeong Jin, actually owns my favourite boutique in the area, called Soft Selectshop. Though, she did mention, she will move the shop to Hannam-dong really soon. Soft carries lots of unique feminine statement pieces, and lovely items for the home as well. The shop is well known for it's iconic 'Soft Baby' unicorn candles, which Minkyeong designed herself, and makes with her husband. She has also started designing purses, as well as collaborating with other Seoul-based brands (like Diagonal and Nu Issue). You can catch the full article I wrote for Seoul Magazine here:

SOFT online shop: 
Shop Instagram: @soft_selectshop 
Minkyeong's Instagram: @soft_seoul

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Milan Travel Vlog

YAY! I finally tried my hand at vlogging. It's only my first one, so I think there's still so much room for improvement, but I'm happy that I finally put something out there. Just watching this is making my stomach growl.. Let me know what you think! In the future, I want to try and make some outfit videos, and perhaps show you guys around Seoul a little more. Any ideas? 

Friday, 26 August 2016

White Denim Jacket & B Coffee and Studio 을지로4가 B 카페

When you're in charge of your own schedule, you live in a city where everything is open 24/7, and you are naturally a night owl, it's really easy to fall into a weird schedule. So today, it was really nice to wake up bright and early, despite only having slept 2 hours (YAY! COFFEE!). 

I was going to meet my friend, Day, at Twoffice, a café we've been wanting to try for a while. Boo, it ended up being closed. Besides Twoffice, in that neck of the woods there aren't any cute cafes. Or so we thought. Amongst a bunch of messy market-style shops selling packaging and light fixtures, we found the gorgeous B Coffee and Studio. I really loved the concrete walls and the chairs. Plus, it was still early, so we were the only ones there! 

Day and I made a pact to start blogging at least once a day, or every other day. I'm going to do my best to upload some quality content on here about life in Korea, cute cafés and fashion of course. 

I've been wanting to wear this jacket for a really long time, but it's been so bloody hot this summer. The oversized fit, silver hardware, raw hem at the neck and the wide and long sleeves make this a really unique find. Also, I really wanted to see Day wear her Patent Public Desire heels. She says they are a lot comfier than she expected! 

*If you want to buy one of these jackets, you can email me at: 

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