Wednesday, 7 December 2016

#BrandCap: SMK - Sandra Meynier Kang

I had the pleasure of meeting up with French designer, Sandra Meynier Kang, whose initials make up the title of her label, SMK. Based in Seoul, it is always particularly uplifting to meet with fellow expats who are doing big things in Korea. 

Since her bright beginnings in 2014, Kang has been an advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion. SMK is a vegan brand which promotes animal protection, local production and using environmentally friendly materials for her pieces. 

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Look 1Winter Jacket
Mia Liamani Fashion Blogger SMK Sandra Meynier Kang
SMK Sandra Meynier Kang Lunch Bag
I initially found out about SMK because of her incredibly perfect Lunch Bags. A luxurious take on that which can hold my impressive selection of staple snacks like cheese strings and cookies.. along with maaaybe my wallet and keys. They come in a variety of colours and textures, including metallics, vinyl, velvet, quilted patterns and more. Gotta catch them all! 
Mia Liamani - Korean Fashion Blogger - Winter Dress
On that effortless French tip, Sandra's designs are comfortable and feminine. For me, it is as important to buy from responsible brands as it is to shop responsibly. Invest in the clothes you wear day to day, rather than that party dress you'll only get to wear once! 

#BrandCap is a series in which I introduce and explore innovative brands and designers from around the globe. Incorporating a few of their pieces into my daily looks, this is a Mia Liamani take on said brands. 


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