Friday, 16 December 2016

#BrandCap: Reike Nen

Korean Fashion Blogger Mia Liamani Seongsu Reike Nen Brand
Reike Nen Seoul Shoes Office Seongsu
After having a long-time internet crush on this brand, I finally got to see Reike Nen shoes in person. Founded in 2010 by Rei Yoon Hongmi, their 3-person team designs must-have statement shoes. This Seoul-based brand reinvents classic silhouettes like loafers and ankle boots by playing on angular shapes, texture and adding interesting metal accents. 
Reike Nen Reikenen Seoul Shoe Brand Slip Ons Black Leather Velvet
The shoes which have a velvet finish look extra special thanks to their deep yet vibrant colors. Also, the simple pumps embellished by an angular sole are THE perfect power shoes to kick 2017 in the butt. I'm definitely going to go back for this pair: 
#BrandCap is a series in which I introduce and explore innovative brands and designers from around the globe. Incorporating a few of their pieces into my daily looks, this is a Mia Liamani take on said brands. 


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