Friday, 7 October 2016

5 reasons to start wearing dresses

1. Go easy on the piggy bank.
Especially when the seasons are changing, I start craving new pieces to choose from. Without breaking the bank, you can get an entire outfit for the price of one item! Spend the extra cash on some fun accessories. 

2. Comfort comes first.
Why wouldn't you want to feel like you are walking around in your pyjamas!? Try to switch up your repertoire, and make sure you have a good mix of short, long, tight and loose dresses. When you're expecting a food baby, or if it's that time of the month, definitely go with a looser option! 

3. Look your very best. 
I set my alarm a whole 10 minutes later if I know I'm wearing a dress the next day. No need to waste time in the morning staring blankly at my closet or trying different outfit combinations, because I know I'll look effortlessly presentable in a good dress. 

4. Season to season.
Long dresses can always be paired them with an even longer trench or coat for a chic look. If you're just looking to keep warm, a thick knit cardigan can look extra cute. The same goes for overall dresses; you just have to wear longer, thicker shirts underneath as the weather gets chilly.

5. For gals on the go. 
Dresses are versatile and make for easy transitions for day to night looks. Just throw on some loafers for work, and switch to lipstick and heels for dinner and drinks. 

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