Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Power Suit ft. Love Me Back Blazer

There's no doubt that a good blazer and a solid pair of trousers are wardrobe staples, but pay attention to the details. This blazer by Korean brand, Love Me Back, has a cool cropped cut, long bell sleeves, a slight shoulder pad and 2 decorative stars. Such a CUTE find, making it a big hit with Korean celebrities like Tiffany (티파니), Cheetah (치타) Juyeon Lee (이주연). 

If you're outside of Korea, you can find Love Me Back collections at W Concept#러브미백 
Tiffany SNSD Celebrity Style Love Me Back Blazer

Thursday, 7 December 2017

#SeoulSpots: SU;PY Successful Pyrates [성수동에 있는 수피 콘셉 스토어]

Despite having no prior experience in the fashion industry, 2 years ago Sam Lee (35) took a chance on himself and the Seongsu neighborhood, and opened up lifestyle boutique, Successful Pyrates. Embracing the industrial feel of their surroundings, they include urban elements like spray-paint tags, neon signage and vintage televisions to create the ultimate hip shopping experience, even attracting a slew of Korean celebrity shoppers. "Pyrates are outlaws and rule-breakers. We want to be successful, while breaking the rules" Lee explains. 

Carrying over 100 brands, SU;PY aims to push the envelope and expose the Korean market to new styles and designers. At the boutique, you can find many Korean brands like Rocket x Lunch and Love Me Back, as well as international brands. If that wasn't impressive enough, they also carry their own SU;PY line, designed by Sam and his wife, Anne Heeyoung Hwang (32). "We design everything together. It's a collaborative effort for both the menswear and womenswear collections." Lee states. 

Opening the shop after their marriage, Lee and Hwang were met with increasing obstacles when Anna gave birth twice last year to two beautiful daughters. "She was under a lot of stress, and wanted to help with the business. I also wanted to be more hands-on with the family side, but I had to focus on SU;PY. It was difficult at the time, but now we have found compromise and balance makes us the best team" said Lee. 

My SU;PY Look 1: Alogon Top
My SU;PY Look 2: SUPY Trench, RocketxLunch Top 

Upon entering Successful Pyrates, you can easily see the influence growing up in the States had on the young entrepreneur. "I arrived back in Korea in 2014, and I was looking for the perfect location for the shop. I went everywhere: Itaewon, Hongdae, Garosugil. These neighborhoods were already commercial, and I couldn't see myself opening a shop there. We wanted SU;PY to grow into something meaningful, and not just be one shop amongst many" Lee explained. The brave businessman found Seongsu-dong to be a little rough around the edges, but was up for the challenge, having lived in New York. "I often frequented Brooklyn, Dumbo and the East Village. I'm definitely comfortable with exploring new turf, and that industrial feel" Sam stated. 

These experiences abroad also lead to the unique selection of goods carried at the boutique. While attending middle school and then studying digital media and graphic design at the OTIS College in LA, Sam was heavily influenced by hip-hop culture and street style. After moving to New York to pursue degrees in Sociology and Business Management at Columbia, Lee grew a greater understanding of high fashion. 

SU;PY is that secret hot spot, that once you discover, you'll want to keep going back. Although being Seongsu's best kept secret is an admirable title, this year the couple wishes to gain more exposure by pursuing new projects at the same location. Lee and Hwang have recently opened Karmers, a cafe with a vintage-feel, adjacent to the shop. On the same block, the team is also expected to finish an additional cafe/bar. The SU;PY team will never stop giving you reasons to make the trip to Seongsu-dong! 

Online Shop:
Shop Address: 71 Seongsui-Ro, Seongdong-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

Monday, 4 December 2017

SEOUL STREETSTYLE - Play with Texture

OUF! How good is this streetstyle roundup!? All so unique and CAPITAL CUTE. Don't miss the little details with the beaded choker and beret in the first look, the applique beret in the second, the velvet socks and patent heels in the third, and those adorable shoes in the fourth. 

1 MILLION x CLAP EMOJI for these ladies. 

Sunday, 3 December 2017

#Monogrammed with BEARA BEARA

5 Things I love about my Beara Beara bag: 

1) It has my initials on it! 
I've always wanted my own monogrammed item, and thanks to Beara Beara that little wish finally came true! You can choose between gold and silver, and get up to six letters. I was perfectly content with my initials. 

2) That vintage style.
This London-based leather brand has a bunch of vintage-inspired styles that caught my eye. I particularly love the shape of the one I chose! It's so unique, and I've had a lot of confused people ask me how a vintage bag has my initials on it. 

3) Made in Bolivia.
Until writing this post, I actually had no idea all of their products are manufactured in Bolivia. Employing locals, not only are they improving their means of gaining a livelihood, they are also preserving the traditional indigenous ways of treating leather. Always love a company with great products and great values.

4) It fits everything! 
I always have at least 1 camera on hand (hence my broken back lol). I typically shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II or my Canon G7X. This bag actually fits my huge clunky SLR, and that is always a plus!

5) Only gets better with time.
Good quality leather always ages well, and the classic style of this Beara Beara bag means I won't get sick of it. Also shoutout to the lining - it's like a really soft muted navy suede.

For 15% off, use the code: bbmia 

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Gingham Gal

T-Shirt: Vintage, Skirt: Zara, Sneakers: Vans, Hoop Earrings: Min&Mia

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Editorial: TURBO ft. Sydney Anna Robbins

Turbo Editorial - Mia Liamani Sydney Robbins
Turbo Editorial - Mia Liamani Sydney Robbins Montreal Fashion
Mia Liamani Sydney Robbins Italian Fashion Turbo Porsche

Photography: Mia Liamani (@mialiamani)
Model/Stylist: Sydney Robbins (@sydneyannabb)

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

1 Alley, 3 Looks ft. It's Dayji and Kim Nayoung (김나영)

My personal favorite thing about Seoul is that it's best kept secrets are hidden amongst magical alleyways. I pride myself on knowing my way around said alleyways, but this one was new to me! We were going to a presentation for designer, Minju Kim, which was hosted in an antique café. The vibe was insanely cool. The three looks featured are by yours truly, my bestie and fashion blogger, Day (@itsdayji) and Korean tv personality, model and one of Korea's style queens, Nayoung Kim (@keemnayoung). 

I didn't put much effort into my outfit, but I ended up really liking it! The Mickey Mouse tee is from Uniqlo, and I usually wear it as pj's haha. Can you tell I didn't want to get out of bed that day?

To see the interview with Minju Kim, check out my Youtube video below! @ 3min. 38 sec. 

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